At Upscale, we makes it easy and affordable to customize your packing services with or without a cleaning package. We’ve put together packages that let you bundle and save on the extras you choose. After packing the next item on your list is looking for a cleaning service.  We can offer you the bundle service and help with the transition.

Just image having everything unpacked for you and put away.  We will put your pots, pans and dishes away.  Also,  we will sort your clothes and hang them in your closet. Moving is not an easy task but delegating the task is. Let us help!

We offer additional discount when you combine the cleaning package too.

What type of packing materials do I need for packing boxes?

Make sure you have boxes, tape, and newspaper or foam padding on hand before the crew arrives. Packing boxes with the proper materials will help protect your belongings, so make sure you stock up on the right type of boxes for your items before your pro arrives.

How many crew members will help with packing my boxes?
A single mover may assist you in packing boxes, or for bigger jobs, a crew of 2 or 3 movers may be assigned to assist in packing the boxes. The service is priced by total hours of packing boxes. For example, a 2-mover crew will spend 3 hours on your job if you requested 6 hours of help packing boxes.

Why should I hire a pro?

Packing boxes can be a time consuming and tedious task. The variety of items and the delicate nature of some can make packing boxes a nightmare. A pro will have the right tools and experience to make packing boxes as efficient and smooth as possible

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